The Box

The Box

Train By Blackbox, where we redefine your fitness experience with our state-of-the-art facility designed to cater to all your needs.

Spanning over 6000 square feet, our facility boasts offices and a store, ensuring you have everything you need conveniently located under one roof.

Refresh after your workout in our separate toilet area, featuring 12 shower stalls and over 20 toilets for your comfort and convenience.

With over 4000 square feet dedicated to our gym area, you'll find a wide array of high-quality equipment suitable for all types of training regimens.

Take a break and recharge in our lounge area, where you can rest, enjoy a meal, or catch up on work between workouts. Lockers are available so that you can just walk in and walk out of the gym without bringing big luggages.

Explore our equipment shop, offering gym accessories and fitness equipment to enhance your training experience.

Stay hydrated and fuelled with our vending machine offering a selection of beverages and quick meals.

Benefit from the expertise of our 5 highly qualified, dedicated, and passionate coaches who are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Join our vibrant community and participate in our many events and competitions, fostering camaraderie and a sense of belonging among our members.

Experience the camaraderie of our friendly and enthusiastic community, making every workout at Train exciting and fun. Welcome to your new fitness home.

About Us

Train’s goal is to improve quality of life by improving the health of the people in Klang Valley. We are a fitness center dedicated to helping you to reach your fitness goals. Visit us today at our location in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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