Amira Ayob

Amira Ayob
Amira Ayob

Amira Ayob


Amira the engineer-turned-fitness-enthusiast is unstoppable. Not only did she earn the title of Fittest Woman in Malaysia by CrossFit, but she also made history by representing Malaysia at the CrossFit Games in the US in 2019.

Growing up with three brothers, she’s no stranger to roughing it, playing sports, and getting her hands dirty. Her fitness inspiration comes from her dad, and her passion for high-intensity workouts was ignited during her time at Ohio State University.

With four years of experience in coaching functional training and weightlifting, Amira is known among our members as a warm, but firm coach that is able to help them achieve their fitness goals. Many claimed that they made great progress after being coached by her.

You have got to try her classes yourselves!

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