Hadib Han

Hadib Han​

Hadib Han

Senior Coach

Hadib is an accomplished and client-focused Life Fitness Trainer, driven by a passion for crafting training programs that not only enhance fitness but also promote healthy lifestyles. With an emphasis on efficiency and quality of life improvement, Hadib is dedicated to designing programs that optimize time management while prioritizing overall well-being.

His expertise in periodization principles and adaptable training frequencies allows him to tailor programs to each client’s unique capacity and availability. Through meticulous research and program design, Hadib ensures that his clients receive personalized training regimens that align with their goals and lifestyle.

Hadib’s proficiency in training programming stems from his extensive background in competitive sports, including five years in football, three years in Muay Thai, and ongoing participation in CrossFit since 2018. Additionally, he has bolstered his foundation as a fitness professional by completing various fitness courses such as those offered by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Rehab Essentials.

In March 2024, Hadib achieved another significant milestone in his fitness journey by obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 certificate. This accomplishment officially accredits him with the title of CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1 Trainer), further validating his expertise and dedication to the field of fitness training.

Believing strongly in fostering a safe, enjoyable environment for his clients, Hadib understands that effective training is not only about physical progress but also about creating sustainable habits for long-term health. With his combination of experience, knowledge, and dedication, Hadib is committed to guiding individuals towards achieving their fitness goals and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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