Integrity First

Integrity First
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Integrity First

Integrity (n): the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Or, as C.S. Lewis put it, “ Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

So what does that look like when it comes to CrossFit?

  • holding yourself accountable
  • accurately counting reps during your WOD
  • not giving yourself credit for a rep when you know that you didn’t hit the target/squat to depth/reach a range of motion standard
  • choosing the appropriate weight for your goals and abilities, rather than basing your choices off of competing with others
  • honestly reporting your score at the blackboard/SugarWOD

It’s just a workout. Is it really that big of a deal?

Integrity is a habit that is practised. CrossFit is sort of a little world of the real, outside world. We have relationships, community, reputations; moments where our limits are tested, celebratory times when we feel successful, and other frustrating times that we feel as though we’ve disappointed ourselves. How we handle these relationships and situations in the gym is practise – and it translates – to how we will handle them out in the real world. There will always be temptations to cut corners at work…to go through the motions on a project rather than giving it our very best…to cheat, steal and lie in little ways and in big ones…

We are fortunate to have regular opportunities in the CrossFit gym to work on this habit of Integrity and practice forming ourselves into who we WANT to be. We get to test ourselves regularly in this aspect, build upon it, and become better people because of it.

Don’t be your own worst enemy,

Crossfit Train Blackbox,
Senior Coach
Hadib Han Hamka

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