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Train Lift

Elevating Athletes in Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Training

Welcome to Train Lift, the premier destination for athletes seeking to excel in Olympic weightlifting and strength training. Our program is meticulously designed for athletes who are dedicated to mastering the classic lifts — snatch, clean, and jerk — as well as squats, pulls, presses, and Olympic weightlifting skill transfer exercises.

Program Highlights

Focused Training on Classic Lifts

At Train Lift, we prioritize the mastery of the snatch, clean, and jerk — the cornerstone lifts of Olympic weightlifting. Our program provides in-depth instruction, technique refinement, and targeted drills to enhance your proficiency in these fundamental movements.

Comprehensive Strength Development

Beyond the classic lifts, our program encompasses a comprehensive strength development approach. Through carefully curated exercises and progressive programming, athletes build foundational strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance across all major muscle groups.

Professional Coaching in a Class Setting

Train Lift offers a dynamic and supportive class environment led by professional coaches who are experts in Olympic weightlifting and strength training. Our coaches provide personalized instruction, feedback, and encouragement to help athletes maximize their potential and achieve peak performance.

Specialized Exercises for Athletic Performance

In addition to the classic lifts, our program incorporates a variety of Olympic weightlifting skill transfer exercises and supplemental movements designed to enhance athletic performance. From overhead squats to snatch balances, athletes develop coordination, mobility, and stability essential for success in competitive sports and strength endeavors.

Periodized Training Protocols

Train Lift employs periodization principles to structure training cycles and optimize athletic performance. Through systematic variation in intensity, volume, and exercise selection, athletes experience progressive improvements in strength, power, and technique while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury.



Single pass: RM60

10 Passes: RM500

About Us

Train’s goal is to improve quality of life by improving the health of the people in Klang Valley. We are a fitness center dedicated to helping you to reach your fitness goals. Visit us today at our location in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

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